YouGov poll shows Trump voters worry less about coronavirus — and take fewer precautions — than Clinton voters

Voters who cast their voting for Donald Trump in 2016 are more probable than voters who cast their polling forms for Hillary Clinton to state that they have “cheated” on social separating during the coronavirus pandemic — and significantly less liable to state they will keep on complying with their state’s lockdown request as long as it’s in actuality.

As indicated by the most recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey, which was led from April 17 to 19, most Trump and Clinton voters guarantee they haven’t defied the norms of social removing. Be that as it may, the portion of Trump voters who state they haven’t cheated (63 percent) is 10 focuses lower than the portion of Clinton voters who state the equivalent, while the portion of Trump voters who state they have cheated (26 percent) is 6 focuses higher than the portion of Clinton voters (20 percent) who are happy to admit. That is a net contrast of 16 rate focuses.

With regards to following lockdown estimates going ahead, the partition between the two camps is significantly increasingly articulated. An entire 82 percent of Clinton voters state they will hold fast to their state’s stay-at-home requests for the span; just 54 percent of Trump voters state the equivalent. Thirteen percent of Trump voters transparently concede they won’t; another 13 percent state they’re “not certain.” (20% of Trump voters state they aren’t under lockdown orders.)

Trump voters are likewise 19 focuses more outlandish than Clinton voters to state they have carefully complied with existing stay-at-home guidelines — and 8 focuses bound to portray their degree of consistence as “not severe” by any stretch of the imagination.

These incongruities give a window into a bigger marvel. As indicated by the Yahoo News/YouGov overview, Americans in Trump Country and Clinton Country are encountering and responding to lockdown in totally different manners.

It’s legitimate to ponder whether such contrasts basically reflect various conditions in the networks where Trump and Clinton voters will in general live: i.e., red, country, inland America (where the coronavirus has spread less quickly) versus blue, urban, beach front America (where the savage pathogen has hit hardest), individually.

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