Lady Gaga’s Album Tracklist Appears To Have Been Leaked

Despite the fact that we need to hang tight somewhat longer for Lady Gaga’s most recent collection, we may have quite recently gotten a sneak top at its substance.

Fans have found onto Target’s selective posting of Chromatica on the web, which includes a rundown of the considerable number of tracks on it — incorporating joint efforts with BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and Elton John.

It’s hazy whether this was an inadvertent hole on Target’s part, however in any case, fans can’t get enough.

On account of the Little Monsters’ prevalent sleuthing abilities, here are the tracks recorded on Target’s photograph of the collection:

Chromatica I.


Moronic Love

Downpour On Me (ft. Ariana Grande).

Free Woman

Fun Tonight

Chromatica II


Plastic Doll

Acrid Candy (ft. BLACKPINK).



Chromatica III

Sine From Above (ft. Elton John).

1,000 Doves


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