California woman sentenced for DUI crash that killed 3 teens

A tipsy driver who caused a red hot Southern California crash that killed three Las Vegas adolescents on spring break was condemned Thursday to 51 years to life in jail.

Bani Duarte, 29, of San Clemente was condemned in Orange County. She was indicted for second-degree murder in the March 2018 accident on the grand Pacific Coast Highway.

Following a night of drinking, Duarte’s quickly moving vehicle back finished the youngsters’ vehicle, which was halted at a red light on the interstate in Huntington Beach, investigators said.

That vehicle burst into flares, murdering the 17-and 18-year-olds at the scene.

They were distinguished by relatives and companions as Brooke Hawley, Dyland Mack and A.J. Rossi, KABC-TV announced. They were understudies at Centennial High School in Las Vegas.

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