Russian military chief voices concern about NATO activities

Russia’s main military official met with his French partner Thursday and raised worry about NATO’s exercises close to the Russian fringe.

Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov said Moscow has gotten progressively stressed over the western military coalition’s moves, including works out “hung based on hostile to Russian situations and visualize preparing for hostile activities.”

Simultaneously, Gerasimov had acclaim uring his gathering with French Gen. François Lecointre, head of the protection staff, for the contacts between the Russian and French military.

The Russian military boss additionally hailed a respective consent to forestall air and naval force occurrences.

Russia-West relations have plunged to post-Cold War lows after Russia’s 2014 addition of Ukraine’s Crimea and Moscow’s help for a dissenter rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

Russia and NATO have accused each other for a spike in strains.

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