Trump calls for Spicer votes on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

United States President Donald Trump is going against the wishes of many trying to influence with executive power the votes on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

He has taken to tweet to influence the votes by telling people to vote for his candidate who is was the former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He has called the Mr. Spicer a good man.

Spicer tweeted his thanks with guidelines on how watchers can cast a ballot.

Spicer has been combined with expert artist Lindsay Arnold as they go after the mirror ball trophy.

He says he’s doing it “to have a great time and make it a great encounter.”

Trump supporters have grasped Spicer, yet rivals have scrutinized the program for welcoming him.

Spicer disclosed to USA Today doubtlessly a “gigantic” measure of his votes originate from Trump supporters.

Hitting the dance floor with the Stars show Monday night.

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