Man Shoots Girlfriend in Head and When She Survives, He Tells Her She’d Been in Car Accident

Man Shoots Girlfriend in Head and When She Survives, He Tells Her She’d Been in Car Accident


A lady in Georgia was shot in the head when she wasn’t looking by her ex, who disclosed to her when she recovered cognizance that she had been in an auto crash and been cut by glass.

Jerrontae Cain, 39, was indicted on Thursday for various violations — incorporating bothered attack with a destructive weapon, disturbed battery, and ownership of a gun — after a Fulton County Superior Court jury decided he shot his ex, 42-year-old Nicole Gordon, in the skull.

As indicated by a discharge from the Atlanta–Fulton County District Attorney, Gordon first found what had befallen her on June 25, 2017, when a companion took her to the Atlanta Medical Center to experience an assessment.

She had been encountering extreme cerebral pains, memory misfortune, and issue imparting for over a month, however had expected the manifestations originated from a mishap Cain disclosed to her she’d gotten into while in the driver’s seat while the two were in the vehicle together.

Yet, during her appraisal, specialists found a shot held up in the back of her skull, the DA’s office said. The slug was in such a fragile position, that specialists have revealed to her it would need to remain there, as any endeavor to evacuate it could cause passing.

In spite of the fact that she didn’t recollect being shot, Gordon later reviewed to police what she thought was her fender bender — clarifying that she and Cain had been having a contention when the driver’s side window of her vehicle stalled smashed downward all over.

By then, she told police she lost cognizance and possibly quickly recaptured it when she was in Cain’s vehicle. He took her to his mom’s home, where Gordon thought they were treating her for the injury brought about by the messed up glass.

Specialists later addressed Cain, who kept up that Gordon had been in a mishap and had hit a tree, the DA said. At the point when police researched the wrongdoing scene, they discovered irregularities with Cain’s clarification. By then, a capture warrant was given for Cain.

It would assume control over a year for cops to find Cain — who has 13 earlier captures, 1 earlier convection for sexual battery, and an open case on charges of theft in the principal degree.

He was in the long run found in January 2019, covering up in the storage room at a home in College Park. Cain gave up following a two-hour standoff.

During preliminary, Gordon’s companions affirmed that Cain had physically mishandled her all through her relationship, the DA said.

Cain was condemned to an aggregate of 30 years, 25 of which will be served in jail. The staying 5 will be on post trial supervision.

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