US Florida man held without bond in deaths of wife, 4 children

US Florida man held without bond in deaths of wife, 4 children

This Wednesday morning Sept. 18, 2019 photograph, Detention Cpl. Shaguanta Scott, left and Detention Deputy Darryl Keaton, right, escort Michael W. Jones Jr. back to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Ocala, Fla. Jones, associated with executing his significant other and four kids and driving their bodies into Georgia, was come back to Florida to deal with homicide indictments. (Doug Engle/Star-Banner by means of AP)

At the point when Georgia specialists pulled over a Florida driver at the end of the week, they made a frightful revelation in the back of the truck — the body of his breaking down spouse. Casei Jones and her four kids had been absent from their Florida main residence for over a month, and the disclosure set off an enormous quest for the kids.

The bodies have now been found — however, specialists won’t state where — and Michael Jones, 38, has been come back to Florida for arraignment. Judge Robert Landt in Marion County, Florida, requested Jones held without bond Thursday.

“Genuine malice jabbed its head up here in Marion County. That is the best way to depict it,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said during a news gathering subsequent to reporting the kids’ bodies had been found.

Jones has been accused of second-degree murder in his better half’s demise. Specialists presume he executed each of the five individuals from his family at the trailer where they had been living in Summerfield, Florida, said Kayla Welch, a representative for the Marion County Sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office said Jones, who is on suicide watch, is likewise associated with slaughtering the youngsters: Cameron Bowers, 10; Preston Bowers, 5; Mercalli Jones, 2; and Aiyana Jones, 1. Extra charges are pending in their demises.

Casei Jones’ family revealed her and her four kids missing Saturday night. Nikki Jones said she hadn’t seen or gotten notification from her little girl and grandkids for about a month and a half and was worried for their prosperity, as indicated by a capture report.

At the point when agents looked the home for the family, they saw it had been empty for a little while and “had the foul smell of deterioration.” They immediately acknowledged it was a presumable wrongdoing scene, as per a capture report from Florida specialists.

Sheriff Woods said his appointees put out an impact for specialists the nation over to be watchful for Michael Jones. Police in Brantley County, Georgia, pulled his truck over Sunday night.

“He was found in Brantley and surrendered himself before long when he was pulled over,” Sheriff Woods said. “The mother’s body was found in the vehicle.”

The sheriff would not say where they found the youngsters’ bodies or how the family was executed. The dissections were led in Georgia, however the medicinal analyst there alluded inquiries to Florida specialists.

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