A 12-year-old boy jumps out of moving truck to escape suspected kidnapper

A 12-year-old boy jumps out of moving truck to escape suspected kidnapper

A 12-year-old kid dove from a moving vehicle to get away from a speculated criminal in South Florida, police say. The kid was treated for scraped areas to his brow, arms, and hands, while the suspect, 26-year-old Timothy Miller of West Palm Beach, was captured on charges of grabbing younger than 13, opposing an official with brutality and youngster disregard, as indicated by a reasonable justification testimony.

The kid told investigators that he got off his school transport and was strolling home in Boynton Beach on Wednesday evening when a man driving a white pickup truck pulled over and offered him a ride. The man, later recognized as Miller, told the kid that he offers rides to kids “constantly” and “not to stress” since he “will do nothing unusual,” as indicated by the testimony.

The kid said Miller “appeared to be pleasant and had a neighborly grin,” so he acknowledged his offer and got in the truck. Be that as it may, at that point, the kid stated, Miller began to “act in an unexpected way” and took a gander at him “abnormally,” while driving unpredictably and inquiring as to whether he had any medications, as indicated by the oath.

The kid said he ended up scared and attempted to open the traveler entryway to get out, however, Miller revealed to him he couldn’t leave and accelerated with an end goal to keep him from doing as such. All things considered, the youngster figured out how to open the entryway and hopped from the moving vehicle, as indicated by the affirmation.

Spectators who saw the kid arrive on the asphalt halted to support him, while two others followed Miller and pursued his truck onto Interstate 95. At the point when Miller got off at a leave, different drivers utilized their vehicles to obstruct in his truck until police arrived. Mill operator “over and over savagely opposed official’s endeavors to keep him” yet was eventually arrested, as indicated by the sworn statement.

Mill operator told analysts that he grabbed the kid since he thought he was a young person and could sell him drugs, as indicated by the affirmation.

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