The Preacher of the word without unction

The Preacher of the word without unction

The Preacher of the word without unction

The word of God has spread throughout the world, in the Old Testament God spoke to His children through the prophets and to the Kings through His servants and dedicated men who walked with God. In the New Testament God spoke to us through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Through that He left for us an exemplary way of life which we must emulate to fulfill His words. Prophet Isaiah had a revelation which he wrote down in the scripture. The book of Isaiah chapter 61 listed what preachers supposed to do as their job. Amazingly, Jesus starting off His ministry on earth read the same chapter in the synagogue which left the religious sect and the learned men dumb-founded. Looking at the host of preachers, prophets, minor prophets and the bunch of men that God called up for His service, both in the Old and New testament, they had a distinct figure in their work with God, including the men that lived in our dispensation like John and Charles Wesley, Leonard Ravenhill, David

Brainerd, Hudson Taylor; all these men were not different from those men that served God both in the Old and the New Testament because I believe; they read that same book of Isaiah chapter 61 to end and had what it takes to do the work of God. Preaching is not a profession but some people have made it one, with secular qualification(s), attending some kind of school called bible school and seminary where they are thought how to become a preacher. You may attend a Bible school and still remain in sin and you may be a preacher but in contrast, attending Bible school if you have a call from God is good, it is a place you will have time to study the word of God in preparation of God’s service or work but today, people attend Bible school or seminary school without God’s calling. They want to have the knowledge of the Bible to go into ministry which God has not ordained.

Nobody can teach a person to become a preacher; it is only God that makes a person a preacher of His own word. You can study the Bible, have the knowledge of the scripture but may not be a preacher. There are some criteria which a person must have, given only by God. These criteria are only known to God and you can sense it when He has given it to you. An educated man can have knowledge of things around him, and he may be enlightened but preaching is not about secular knowledge or education, it is a passion. I can say that preaching is not a profession but a passion, an obsession of the spirit and I do not need a PhD to become a preacher. The works of a preacher is not done by him but by the Spirit of God that dwells in him. If Jesus being God in the flesh waited for thirty years and the Holy Spirit descended on him and remained before He started off His work, who on earth can preach about Him.

Who do you preach about? Yourself, your church or about the savior of the world; Jesus, if you are a preacher and have not read the book of

Isaiah chapter 61 to the end and discover your work on earth as a preacher, are you a nominal preacher? Verse 1 of the chapter says; ‘the spirit of the Lord God is upon me…’ What is upon the preachers of this age? What is upon them is the knowledge they have gotten from men in the seminary and Bible school, not what the Spirit of God teaches them. All the prophets in the scripture did not attend a Bible school, and they never learn how to preach but who thought them? The Holy Spirit of God that was upon them, thought them the word of God and revealed to them the secret which cannot be bought with money or any precious thing what so ever. Preaching is not a feeling; hmm I can preach today, I have this inner feeling that I can do it, yes you can preach that day with the confidence you have ‘you have arrived’ a hand full of books you have read, you can preach. But sincerely, the words you speak are not from God if you have not His Spirit, the passion and the unction.

The words you will speak that day are your words which come out of your head reaching the head of people and all things seems dead. You cannot be a preacher with your own knowledge, good speech eloquence and good command of the language you speak, these things cannot move God but it can move your church members and it will create an atmosphere full of emotion(s), people shedding tears because of their emotion which the preacher stirred up. In the Bible, you cannot find out where the disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to preach, but they asked Him Lord teach us how to pray.

Verse 1… because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek…’ this is where most of the problems of today’s preachers converge; ‘good tidings’ do you know the meaning of tidings? It means News or information. The news / tidings God has for us is good and not of evil, to give us an expected end; ‘Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 emphasis added.’ The tidings are for the people but can a preacher who

is not anointed by the Lord preach about good tidings which mean good news of the Gospel? No he cannot, no matter what; the only person who can bring these good tidings is a man the Lord has anointed. Anointing breaks the yoke; can a preacher without the anointing of the Lord Most High break the yoke of sin and bondage. This is the contrast the people that God has anointed make with the fake preachers.

Some people take good tidings to be blessing, although it might be used in-place of blessing at a point because something good is a blessing but tidings which means news / information, is the Living word of God that is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword which can break the bones and the marrow piecing into the hearts of people, renewing their mind and redeeming their souls, who can bring out this word described above? The anointed servants of God, but the preachers of today go their ways preaching about wealth and prosperity without bringing the good news of the Gospel to the people whose hearts is wounded with sin, perplexity and they need the true and sincere milk of the word of God. It is only the good tidings of the word of God can bring the listed supernatural gifts below.







Holy Spirit baptism


And many more if I continue to list them, I will not finish them because there are many unsearchable riches and blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 1…He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted…’ the

heart of a man without God is broken with sin and he needs not only to be told, he needs pardon, and not only that, he needs forgiveness of sins, more than that; he needs cleansing and indwelling of the Spirit of God in him. The preachers are sent already to proclaim these to the people but they have failed because they do not know their job.

The message of today does not lay emphasis that the preachers are sent to bind up the broken-hearted but the preachers tell them about Jesus Christ of utility that will pay their physical debt but will never tell these people that Jesus Christ had paid their spiritual debt on the cross to comfort their hearts that seek peace and joy everlasting. If your pastor has never told you that Jesus died to set you free from your broken heart, sins and to give you peace and everlasting joy while keeping God’s commandments, precepts and ordinances, please detach yourself from the pastor and the church. Seek where the true is being divided for both the poor, rich, saved and unsaved that will be saved.

Verse 1…to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound…’ liberty comes from the Lord and where ever the Spirit of the Lord dwells, there is liberty ‘2 Corinthians chapter 2 verses 17 emphasis added.’ A preacher cannot proclaim liberty if he is not delivered from his own captivity of sin. The lord Jesus had no sin, he is everlasting clean, tempted and yet without sin. He is our High Priest but the preachers of today do not want to take after him. Jesus led captivity captives, He opened the prison to them that where bound with sins, sickness and name it.

The Lord showed us the way we should follow, to do great things; even greater things compared to what He has done, oh pervert generation of ours that seek their own has followed the way of Baal to get powers from devil and his agents for healing, signs and wonders. The pastors and the so called preachers of the devil who got their powers from evil


spirits and sold their souls for an exchange of fame, to set up a church (building) because God never called them to any ministry will be dammed by God if they did not repent from their wickedness and sins. The preachers with genuine call from God can do great things which our Lord Jesus did to the needy while He was in the flesh on earth. The proclamation of liberty and the opening of the prisons are by the powers of God, given to the true and obedient servants of God that will bring all the glory and honor to God. Shattering the shackles of sins, liberating people from the plans of the devil and his agents, saving their souls from eternal damnation in hell cannot be done by a man who is using some kind of spiritual formula. In the Acts of the Apostles chapter 19 verses 13, 14, 15 and 16 says; ‘verse 13; ‘then certain of the vagabond Jews exorcists took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus saying; we adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches, verse 14, ‘ and there were seven sons of one sceva, a Jew and the chief of the priests which did so, verse 15, ‘and the evil spirit answered and said; Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?.

Evil Spirits recognize people that are with the true word of God? If I may ask, does it mean that the evil spirit has beaten Paul the Apostle that it recognized him? I do not think so, rather Paul has beaten the spirit in one or two occasions he had while preaching the good tidings. In verse 16; ‘and the man in whom the evil spirit was, leaped on them and overcame them and prevailed against them so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.’

What do the preachers of the word (scripture) have today? Can an evil spirit recognize one of the preachers of today; Jesus I know, and what is the name of that preacher? They know the word in the scripture but they do not know the God of the word. Beware; all of you that run after a preacher; pray for me and bless me. The hour of false prophets which


the scripture made us to understand is at hand; there will be deceivers who will come in the name of the Lord but follow them not for they are ravening wolves. The book of Matthew chapter 7 verses 15 says; ‘beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly, they are ravening wolves.’ It will not take time for these people running after these false preachers to be deceived; those preachers are not from the Lord but from the pit of hell. They have come with the powers of satan to steal, to kill and to destroy. Any man that claims to be a preacher of the word of God and does not have any working relationship with God no matter how he relates with God in that relationship is Fake to an extent.

Isaiah chapter 61 verses 2 says; ‘to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn.’ Preaching about the acceptable year of the Lord, in the book of Luke chapter 4 verses 19; ‘when our Lord Jesus Christ read from the book of Isaiah on the Sabbath day, in the synagogue saying; ‘to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.’ The Lord Jesus proclaimed the hour of our redemption has come and that came through Him who is the savior of the world, our paschal lamb. He gave up Himself for our sins so that we might have life eternal with Him. In order words, the preachers of today, what make up their preaching?

The acceptable time of the Lord which has come and gone but His work on the Cross saved us and it is still saving people but millions if not billions are not aware of this marvelous work which was done by our Lord for the remission of sins and to teach us the way to our God for eternal glory. The cause of this ignorance is as a result of the preachers which have never preached on the acceptable year, when our Lord washed away the sins of the world; also the weak and sloppy evangelism of this era has contributed a lot to the present ignorance which the world


suffers today. The work which our Lord has done is meant to be preached with passion like the Apostles did with great fervency, and people heard them and were saved. Little or none of such fervent preaching has being done because the preachers seek their own and they have given to wine, materialism and luxury lifestyle, living like a Hollywood film star with lake beside his house and his private boat on the lake. A man that called himself a preacher rejected a contract of 500dollars per week for a 4 week crusade in America, hoarding the good news which is meant to be preached without offering anything for it and forgot that he is portraying the image of our Lord Jesus who has called him to be a shepherd over these people. I cannot understand that people pay money to a preacher to come over to their homes, towns and provinces, to deliver the word of life. Jesus was never paid; in fact the preacher that rejected the contract, forgot that Jesus borrowed a penny to demonstrate His own sermon when He was asked whether it is lawful to pay tribute to Cesar, such a preacher must have a private jet, and on whose cost; the church tithes and offerings, but Jesus the owner of the whole universe had no donkey to ride on.

‘Verse 2… ‘And the day of vengeance of our God’ The second coming of Christ is not to make bad men good, or to make men dead in sin and in trespasses forsake their sins NO, when Christ comes the second time, which I know He will soon come, it is for the everlasting judgment of this world and whose name is not found in the lamb’s book of life will be cast into the lake of fire and that is the second death. The vengeance of our Lord is not a new thing to be surprise, but to some people, they are not aware because their shepherd (Pastor) has kept them in darkness. A preacher who has never warned his sheep about the vengeance of our Lord, what makes up his ministry? Well a preacher cannot preach about hell if he is going to be there because he is a fake pastor. Verse 2… ‘To comfort all that mourns.’ When a sinner grieves and repents, being sorry


for his sins but there is no comforter to comfort him, to direct him in the ways of the Lord and help him avert sinning; this newly saved sheep has a probability of not standing as a Christian. The precepts, ordinances and commandments which God gave us to keep diligently with all our hearts and avoid violation because the consequences will be grievous but many Christians are not aware of these laws and some have accepted sin to be normal. Sin is no longer called sin as it was called in the scriptures for the world has modified it to suit them. Every preacher must stress the consequences of sin and elaborate to his sheep the controversies that come with the sin of this generation which men have accepted not to be sin but God’s standard will never change.

The most important issue when a sinner realizes his rebellious actions against God and repents and mourns for such evil deeds in his life, a preacher, a counselor or who so ever that is to comfort he should be able to put him in the right path with the true words of God (Follow up). Some preachers fail to give a good follow up to a new convert because of business engagements, trivial appointments and luxurious life.

The sole aim of a preacher is to bring souls to God, that is what God has called you for and a sinner has realized his deeds are sinful and has repented but the preacher is busy, who then will brush the new convert in the ways of the Lord? Hardly will you see a new convert without proper directions from the preacher stand against sin, for he does not know what has happened to him. Some people when there were saved were not aware until they ask questions. Please Mr. Preacher devote your time to your sheep and guild them day and night as our perfect example; JESUS did to our fathers in the scripture.

Verse 3; ‘to appoint to them that mourn in Zion, to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting


of the Lord, that He might be glorified’. This verse above says it all, the work allocated by God to a preacher may differ from the work of another preacher, but there is always a connection with them for it is the same Holy Spirit that bears witness in their hearts and works through them. For a Christian to be called tree of righteousness; you can read the above criteria you must have and the striking factor, which is the word ‘TO’. The word TO indicates that the criteria although is from God must pass through the preachers which God has anointed for the work. The phrase; ‘to appoint and to give’ appeared in the verse above, but have the preachers realized that it is through their hard work and consecration that God’s sheep will be called trees of righteousness because God has spoken it, let the minister of God relate it to the sheep and let the sheep have it through their work with God. How can the people hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they are sent ‘Romans chapter 10 verses 14 emphasis added’

If a preacher is not on the fire of God how then can his sheep be called trees of righteousness and the Lord glorified? The preacher plays the role of a figure head in the church as God has spoken; I have made my angels ministering spirit and my ministers (preachers) flames of fire, but people in some churches are not saved, there is a gap in those churches which the preachers have not seen. Thousands of preachers arise every day from different parts of the world but sinners die and go to hell. The mad house of the universe ‘Hell’ has widened its mouth to enjoy the spoil of this world. The preachers in the old and New Testament were not as many as we are today in this world.

Consider this man called Elijah, stood before hundreds of Baal prophets and he trembled not because he stood with God, he locked up heaven, pocketed the key and ruined the economy of Israel all because they have wandered away from God and worshipped false gods. Do you think this

man is going to last up to six months in the street of New York or in the modern cities of this present world without being dispersed for one reason or the other or for saying the truth, but the preachers of today live in such cities and the sinfulness of sin of this world does not grieve their hearts, let me just mention but a few; the prostitution, abortion and same sex marriage, etc. The people that commit such abominations attend church, yes they do, what on earth prevents the preachers to preach against these actions and back it up with the scripture. These abominations are condemned in the scripture; Have a look; Leviticus 18 v 20 and 22, Galatians 5 v 14 to 23 and Colossians 3 v 5. The abominations mentioned in these chapters and verses of the scripture are the works of the flesh which should not be manifesting in the life of a true Christian. The preachers have erred from their work, for I see the Israelites of the old as a Church and not as a nation, they were different from other nations and they lived as a Church abstaining from the dirt of the world. The Church of this age has lost her call to an extent.

The priest of the old and the prophets in the house of Israel were the mouthpiece of God, they convey to the Israelites the words and mind of God and when the Israelites commit sin, oh they are severely punished. In the church (building) today, sin and atrocities are being covered up by the elders, deacons, leaders and the pastors. Church is now a business, who then will be the mouth piece for this present generation; not to speak for GOD but call sin, sin as it was called in the scripture? The Christians are no longer different from the rest of the world, we are now mixed up with every kind religion around, following any wind of doctrine that toss us up, to and fro, forgetting our consecration. We do not call for a solemn assembly anymore and do not sanctify a fast to worship our God. The moral decadency of this present generation is as a result of unsanctified church and pastors. The life of John the Baptist; is it not astonishing to this present world and pastors? The man ‘John’


spent thirty years in the wilderness, he did not attend any school but he attended the university of silence which God must put through all His men in preparation for His work, Moses spent forty years in Bush university (God’s own and special university) and when he was revealed, he was prepared to deliver the Israelites from their severity. What is the name of the university you attended? You had no encounter with God and you are a preacher, God did not put you through His University of silence or His Busy University and you are a pastor. Jeremiah chapter 15 verses 16 and 17 says; ‘verse 16, your words were found and I did eat them; and your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; for I am called by your name O Lord God of hosts, verse 17 says; ‘I sat not in the assembly of the mockers nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of your hand; for you have filled me with indignation.

Jeremiah sat alone and he was filled with indignation when God put him through His University of silence. How many of these present preachers can be alone for God to find them as Jacob was found alone by a man (Angel) of the Lord. God’s indignation in this present world will not be known to these preachers because they are so busy pursuing fame and the saw dust of this world. Maybe the above chapters and verses of the scripture can no longer be found in their own Bible. All is busy but guilty, seeking how to expand his church (building) when souls are perishing. Are you guilty of any charge Mr. Preacher? The book of 2nd Peter chapter 2 verses 1 and 2 says; verse 1 ‘But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you who secretly shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.’

The damnable heresies spreading around the world about Heaven, hell and the rapture are the works of the false prophets. The true prophet can no longer be identified some people said, but that is not true, although

the false prophets and false preachers look exactly like the true men of God but by their fruit we shall know them. Verse 2; ‘and many shall follow their pernicious (destructive) ways; by the reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.’ I am not surprised at all if a preacher will mount the pulpit as a divorcé when the scripture strictly condemned putting away your wife, not only that, he will remarry in some months to come and probably, the church committee will arrange invitation for the church members to come and they will all attend saying; the Lord has blessed their pastor with his better half. Is that preacher not a false man of God, what will he teach the congregation. The abominations in the House of God points out clearly; the beginning of an end, and all the members of that church will be destroy along with their preachers. This has gone so bad that same sex marriage is being pronounced (legalized) from the pulpit while some church is being head by a homosexual pastor. I am not astonished because the scripture in the book of 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 6 says;

Verse 1; ‘These know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come

Verse 2; ‘for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy

Verse 3; ‘without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent (without self-control) fierce, despisers of those that are good

Verse 4; ‘traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God

Verse 5; ‘having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away, Verse 6; ‘for this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with various lusts. But see what will their end; in verse 4 of the 2nd book be of


Peter chapter 2 says; ‘For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them into hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved to judgment.’ Verily Judgment shall befall all false preachers and prophets at the day pointed by God, if they repent not and turn from their wicked ways, they will be damned in hell by God. There are many young and able body men that desire to serve God, but they must know these, including the preachers in question. The Bible is complete and God is not an author of confusion, if you a have a Bible, two things are involved; believe it and behave it. The book of 1stTimothy chapter 3 according to the writing of Paul the Apostle as he was led by the Holy Spirit says it all;

‘Verse 1; ‘This is a true saying, if a man desires the office of a bishop, preacher or a pastor, he desire a good work.’ The following attributes must be met and kept

Verse 2; ‘A bishop then must be blameless (above reproach), the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach.’

The characteristics mentioned above cannot be substituted for one another. They are as important as every one of them. All the mentioned characteristics seems to be easy for these present preachers to keep because anybody can camouflage be to; sober, apt to teach, blameless only in the presence of their congregation but the hidden life style of these preachers with women which they cannot publicly show, is where they flaw. Every preacher on earth has been classified into three distinct aspects.

What people think about him

What the preacher thinks about himself

And what God knows about the preacher


You cannot cheat God, but you can cheat your church members to be good, sober, and apt to teach but you engage in adultery and all sorts of immorality, embezzlement of church fund, teaching substandard doctrine for self-gratification and for moral justification. If you fail one of these mentioned characteristics, you have failed all. Do you think you can keep any of these attributes by yourself? If not by the grace of God, who has called you and has assigned you to be a shepherd over His sheep, God cannot be mocked; His sees you and knows your heart. If God takes the picture of your heart and gives it to you, you will not take it, because it is dirty, full of iniquity which you will not show to your church members Mr. preacher.

Verse 3; ‘Not given to wine, no striker (fighter), not greedy of filthy lucre (base gain and money); but patient, not a brawler, not covetous.

Take a look again to the prohibited attitudes which a preacher must not have, does your pastor possess any? Many of our preachers today are after church fund raised from the offerings of the poor masses, widows and name it. Is this not why many are preachers of prosperity rather than salvation and other sermons? Once again, I stress this; a preacher who has no experience of salvation cannot preach about it, for the blind cannot lead the blind, they will fall into a pit. Mr. Preacher, who told you to open a church? Did you hear the voice of the Lord, who told you to attend a Bible school? Did the Lord God call you to any ministry? I guess not, because many are into this preaching stuff just for fortune, if God wants to send us a servant and a leader, just a few will be more than enough for a state, or for a country. Have you considered the man in the person of John the Baptist, who did no miracle, did not ask for offerings, was not a brawler, had no cottage beside a lake nor a boat on the lake, never organized or make any contract to hold a crusade, but John did more than a miracle; Why? Because he raised a dead nation of Israel


after 400 years of total darkness and silence in the land and no thus says the Lord was heard until this man ‘John’ sent by the Lord appeared. Can you do that Mr. Preacher as you claim to be anointed, you have given yourself to wine and you deceive your congregation, running after the politicians to pray for them and foresee their campaign for public office, seeking for money all in the name of church project; doing all these things Mr. preacher, I call you a striker (fighter). You are not patient, and did not take time to be holy and to hear from the Lord, you jumped into a ministry just because you were used by the Lord when you are much innocent and fervent for the Word of God to do a miracle or signs and you concluded; I am a pastor, a preacher. Now you have ventured into a ministry you were never called, How is it like?, take your step backward and find where you left it and seek properly the face of the Lord to know what He proposed for you, whether to be a pastor or an intercessor (a man of prayer).

Verse 4; ‘one that rules well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity’

A man of God, with a broken home, divorcé and his children vagabonds, what does this preacher has to offer to people with a home that is on fire or a sinner that longs to be a Christian? The attitude of some preachers can make unbelievers to say ‘if this is Christianity’ I do not want to be a Christian. Such a preacher, can he use his home to bless the name of the Lord, for God is not an author of confusion but the preacher is in a mess, confused and with a devastated home. He has failed to rule his own house and he cannot preside over some people as a pastor, as the scripture says; ‘one that rules well his own house.’ Although problems must arise in a home but it must be solved with the wisdom of a child of God and help from God not with the contributions or ideologies of the world, but are you surprise? Some preachers apply such worldly wisdom


to solve their problems even at the church and in their various homes. A child born into a family of a preacher should be cared for by the parents but it is not by their might or power but by the spirit of the Lord. The preacher should pray and intercede for the child to be saved by God, have you done that for your children? Lest your children may perish, the first letter of Paul the Apostle to Timothy ‘chapter 3’ is marvelous. The Lord pointed these things to me to write it down and I Thank God. As for me I consider it, the chapter for every preacher. From verse 1 to the last verse, speaks concerning the preacher; the conduct, and the life meant for a man called into any ministry by God. Please I beseech all preachers to read it as a good sermon and always have it in mind.

Without much word, include the book of Isaiah chapter 61 in your daily devotional prayers, the Lord will strengthen us to the end when we shall all echo; I have fought a good fight of faith, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. In contrast, the Lord God is not being glorified much when our fathers in the scripture preached the word of God with one aim; to win souls for God, they cried out in their closet; Lord give me souls. Today’s evangelism is not conducted how it was done in the time of the Apostles when souls came to the Lord in thousands, just by one sermon. We have left our first love that once constrained us to preach the Gospel and seek for lost souls and go after them. These weakly attitudes of us are putting tears in the eyes of the Lamb of God. In any way you have left your first love and passion in preaching the word of God and praying, go on your knees, travail in prayer for forgiveness and pick up the armor of God again for the battle is not yet over for souls are perishing. If we sincerely do these with all our heart, God will come down on us as of the old and empower us again.



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