The Church

The Church of our present Generation

The Church of our present Generation

When you hear the word church, what comes to your mind? A place of worship; although that is true but I am not writing on that context, the church I am writing about is the body of Jesus Christ; the church, which we preach today to multitude of people unnumbered. Jesus said to peter; ‘upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it ‘Matthew 16 v 18.’ I believe what Jesus meant by that statement; He will put in us; His words, meekness, loving kindness, His Spirit and all His attributes as our Lord and savior, so we can be His witnesses to the ends of the earth and to all generations to come, also to be prepared for His second coming, and to remain unchanged, untouched from the pit of hell. Churches are everywhere today, it is in all parts of the world, there is no place you will go and will not see people called Christians or does Christ now live only in the building called church? The people that portray to be part of the church (Christians) do Christ live in them? Some are not the true Church which Christ meant; they are just part of the building called church. Millions

attend churches in parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America but the most developed parts of the world have recorded the lowest attendance to church, but that is not problem because many are called but few are chosen.

The multitude that troop into churches today, do not have Christ in them, which is the Hope of glory. The attendance to churches erected in different locations are alarming but the truth is not preached, especially in Africa, America, Europe and virtually all parts of the world. The men and women that walked with God in the Old Testament did not have a building called church. Do you know that the true church (Christians) have declined in number or have they all gone? These men and women in the Old Testament did not erect any structure called church but they fellowshipped with God for God lived in them; they had no church for God is Church and no man can have a church. Ministers of today call people to come to their churches and they will be healed, blessed etc. To me that is not biblically sound because a man cannot have a church. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and all the bunch of men of impeccable character did not erect any structure whatsoever and call people for one thing or the other to come and be this or that, expect the alter of sacrifice which they erected as commanded by God.

I am not saying that building places of worship is not acceptable but let us be the church (have Christ in us) before erecting a structure to worship, let us worship God in truth and in spirit with our heart, body soul and spirit before calling people to fellowship with us in a structure called church. The book of John chapter 15 verses 3 and 4 says;

Verse 3; ‘now you are clean through the word which I have spoken to you, verse 4; ‘Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abides in the vine; no more can you, except you abide

in me.’ Jesus is the Church, the Head and we are the members of His body; the branch. In the verses of the scripture above, Jesus is telling us without Him we are nothing which I believe you know. He is the vine and we are the branches, can a branch live without being attached to the tree itself? Can you be a hand in a body without a Head? People are being deceived by false preachers that have erected churches with demonic powers, leading these souls to hell, when they are meant to have Christ in them. Christians are not living like they ought to, we believe in this church (building) but not in GOD, we call on the pastors of these churches but not on GOD, the pastor gives us prayers to say, because we cannot pray.

In essence I am telling you as a Christian, Christ supposed to live in you as He lived in His apostles, work in you as He worked in His disciples. The Church of Christ (Christians) is not supernatural again, but superficial, they are not electrifying but mechanical. When bunch of Christians come together they will make a church, which is supernatural, bringing down the strong holds of the enemies. In Acts of Apostles chapter 3 verses 1 to 8; ‘when Peter and John went up together to the temple and a certain man lame from birth was at the beautiful gate begging, Peter being filled with the Holy Spirit said to him, silver and gold I have not, but what I have I give you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength, emphasis added.’

Have you wondered why Peter said? What I have, I give you. Oh he had Christ in him; he was part of the body of Christ; the Church. When he took the lame man by his right hand, I believe thousands of electrifying powers moved into the body of the man. And when that lame man was healed, the scripture recorded that he was over forty years of age. He has

been carried to that beautiful gate many times; Multiply 40 years by 365 days in a year as the case may be; people helped him but he was never cured, the priests threw coins of silver and gold to him until these men (Peter and John) having Christ in them came up and the lame man was delivered. Silver and gold I have not, Peter said, and I believe the lame man was astonished when he heard this from peter knowing that these men were followers of Jesus Christ which preached and thousands of people believed and probably they must have gathered a lot of offering during the Pentecost. Have you seen an evangelist that is poor in your neighborhood? All is rich with the offerings of the poor. The coming together of the disciples of Jesus in the old was magnificent, they prayed and the foundation of the building shook, the combination of their members in Christ proved the presence of Jesus. In our building today called church, what is it like? For we are cold and carnal believing in the church (building) instead of believing in God. We are not electrifying for we do not have Christ or rather are not members in His body.

The church building is just staying like it was erected by the contractors, nothing goes on there. People will come because it is Sunday, and give just one hour and go. If I may say; the smoke of satan has entered the church because the atrocities being committed by the church leaders and elders or whatever they are called are terrible. Imagine a church pastor in Africa said that the Holy Spirit told him to burn his members and he poured fuel on them and burned them.

Apostle Peter gave the electrifying power of Christ in him to that lame man and he was healed, but this pastor in Africa burned his members with naked flame, can you see the difference? Christians are not on the fire of the Holy Spirit but with the motivation they receive from dead men called pastors which have no Christ to give. The Holy Spirit is out of many churches because men have quenched the fire and people go to

hell fire, for the world is not waiting for the new definition of Christianity because it has been defined but they are waiting for the new demonstration of Christianity. Being a church member is not a bad thing, we are instructed not to avoid the coming together of the saints ‘Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 25’ we are meant to come together with the brethren like the disciples of Jesus did in their time, but my heartache is; we are not like them, for they knew Christ personally.

The life of the apostles should be the typical example of the Christians today. They lived in one accord, sharing bread from house to house with humility and love for the brethren. None of them vied a pose with the other or went to court with his brethren to the unbelievers. They have one heart and Christ dwelled in them. If you should compare these people with us today, what are we like? Some people believe we cannot use these people in the scripture to compare ourselves, because they are different. In what aspect were they different? Created by the same God, saved by Jesus Christ and they lived by His grace. If you believe that these men in the scripture were different, you are almost calling God an imperfect God but God is perfect, not partial and name it. The problem with us church (Christians) today; we have lost the sight of the awesome beauty and trilling majesty of God and His judgment seat.

We do not love Jesus like these people in the scripture loved Him, we do not take God serious like the apostles of old did, they out prayed, out preached, and out loved people than us. We seek our own and always being selfish. You want to grow and watch your brother stalled, the pride of life, the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh have taken hold on us, if anybody gets spiritual in the church the pastor finds a way to kick him out. We do not want to get spiritual or the Holy Spirit to come so He will not change our status quo. Jesus; I will live for you but I will not die for you, is it not what you said? These men in the scripture; the


candles of their life burned out for Jesus and not for anybody, but for Jesus only, not for the pope, cardinal, bishop or one pastor somewhere. Do you know what the Acts of the Apostles is? It was the Church of Jesus Christ doing everything that Jesus did while He was in the flesh, like I said; I believe when Jesus told peter; upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it, Christ represented Himself in them.

If two or three should agree in His name, wondrous things will happen. The healing of the lame man at the beautiful gate by Peter and John is a typical example of the agreement they had in Jesus, but in our case, you believe in the head pastor, others trust his vice, while the rest is for the visiting pastor, none of the church members trust in what God will do but what the pastor who has no Christ can do, I am not throwing stone.

The Acts of the Apostles; was the church (Christians), that did not have a healing school, they did not study any medical course or have a ring on their hands but they healed the sick, they did not just prayed but they prayed in the Holy Spirit, they are willing to accept a soul that is saved and the signs of true salvation seen, but in our case, a wealthy man who everybody knows he engages in an illicit business is given the upper seat in the church, with a great recognition, never for once told to repent and be saved but he is given the opportunity to speak and address the church members.

A church denomination believes that they have the apostolic succession, right from the first head which was Peter to the incumbent one, the question here is not the succession and this denomination does not recognize the ordination of other churches, their pastors and whatever. In history there has been a record when two heads of this particular denomination were reigning at the same time. Like I said, the succession is not what the world wants to know now. If you want to know what

they want and the proof of apostolic succession, I will tell you; it is Apostolic Success. Not who reigned after this person or that person, but there is no supernatural evidence that Christ is reigning on earth. The church denominations in this world today do not like the ordination of the other churches, but we proclaim Jesus to be our Lord. Why on earth do churches attack each other and do not accept the ordination of others? If Peter was the head of the Apostles and nobody questioned or attacked him for he did the appropriate thing being led by the Holy Spirit, his attitude and ways of life should be the exemplary life for all the church denominational heads. Is there anything like Christian denomination? No I do not think so because there is nothing like Christian denomination. A man, who is in Christ Jesus, is not different from other believers that are saved because they are join heirs with Christ Jesus. The question of Christian denomination as people have twisted it; they are the people that want to take short cut to heaven and make the Christian journey easy for themselves, removing and adding some chapters and verses in the scripture, not believing in the existence of hell, the final judgment of Christ and so on.

The Peter in your church (pastor) what is his preaching like? The preaching of prosperity and blessing every Sunday, is what he knows how to do best. He has never preached on salvation, sanctification, and Holy Spirit. A minister who has no genuine experience of salvation can never preach on salvation likewise sanctification, Holy Spirit and hell. He was made a shepherd over you but he has not ruled well his own sheep at home. You know, we can build gorgeous and fantastic church (Building) with all the modern equipment and furniture, these will allow people to enjoy the sermon, to boast and compare their building with other church building, in this stage the Church is in a mess. Many Christians in different Churches are looking at material and perishable saw dust, hay, wood and stubble instead of the supernatural presence of


God in their midst, working wonders, saving soul and healing the sick. If the church becomes materialistic, she will dwindle supernaturally, if she becomes supernatural and spiritual, she will dwindle materially, because you cannot harmonize spiritual things with material things, in order words, you cannot harmonize life and death. A man that is dead in sin (a sinner) can only declare the goodness of the Lord when he is saved and washed in the Blood of the Lamb and he is made free from sin; ‘Romans 6 verses 7 emphasis added.’ You cannot harmonize life and death, either you are dead to sin (saved) or dead in sin (a sinner).

I do not see that lame, paralyzed man at the beautiful gate physically but I saw him as the church of today that is crippled, lame and paralyzed. When this lame man was healed by Peter and John, they did not hold any form of exhibition or started going around telling people what they have done and because of that, they should come and join their church (building). The healing of that lame man was the first miracle the Apostles did after receiving the Holy Spirit, but they have done great and mighty things before the Pentecost, because demons were subject to them in the Name of Jesus. Now let one miracle be done through a pastor somehow, somewhere, oh the church and the pastor will be popular, the pastor will become a celebrity overnight, people will be trooping into the church (building) forgetting they are the church (Christians) which Christ supposed to inhabit and some will change from this denomination to another. God intended to make us a habitation through His Spirit and His fullness to dwell in us. Ephesians 2 verses 22 emphasis added. Remember devil can perform miracles, beware!

If the teaching and the way your pastor lives is not concurrent to the word of God in the scripture you have, please change your church, that man is leading you to hell. The book of first Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 21 says; ‘prove all things, hold fast (firmly) that which is good.’


You have the conscience in you which is the good spirit telling you all the truth. The leading of the Spirit cannot deceive you, now if you read the word of God and finds out what your pastor is teaching is not the right thing, escape from the pit which he has dug to draw souls to hell because he is from the pit of hell. Miracles can be done with demonic powers gotten by some ministers, that is why you have to study the word of God to show yourself approved, grow in grace and the knowledge of God, so you will not be deceived by the magic of this world because the smoke of satan has entered the church.

The Apostles in the early church had self-imposed low life style in order to win Christ, the problem of God today is not many churches (building) or denomination(s) but His tears is the unsanctified and impure churches mixed with politics and are influenced by the world, we do not preach His words as He has commanded us. At times, I personally imagine the face of the One like the Son of man John the beloved Apostle saw in his revelation about Jesus Christ, written in the book of revelation chapter 1 verses 16 latter part; ‘and His countenance was as the sun that shines in His strength.’

As you have realized the way you contribute to the tears of the Lamb, please repent of it and make your life right with God. By doing this, you are wiping away His tears. I believe why Jesus has not stormed this world for His everlasting judgment is because His church is not prepared to welcome Him. We are His bride and we are not prepared for the marriage feast of the lamb. There is no way a bridegroom can go to the podium for marriage if he is aware that his bride is not preparing. Delay is dangerous for He can come and meet you unprepared.

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