The Importance of Discipline

The Importance of Discipline

The Importance of Discipline

Today I’m going to write about how you should be programmed to acquire a very important habit that is discipline and I also want to share the importance of you actually learning the concept of determining dates and you can truly complete your future goals and plans.

During my journey as an entrepreneur and trainer of people I could see a serious mistake that many or most of them make when making their projections for the future especially about achieving goals.

The first ground that I realize is lacking in the vast majority of people is the foundation of discipline.

I can guarantee that most do not know or understand the true meaning and importance of being a disciplined person.

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Another factor that I have realized over many years is that people just plan their goals but besides being undisciplined they do not determine a date to reach their plan and this is the biggest mistake that anyone who wants to conquer something should learn :


You should be persistent with yourself about it because otherwise everything you plan to do will just be a dream and you will be frustrated and clear that this is not a good feeling for anyone.

As I always say I am sharing this with you based on experiences that I have lived and not just based on an opinion because in training people I have been able to prove a very large number of people and why not say most of them commenting on these big mistakes.

As a coach of these people I always asked a few questions:

1 – What is your plan?
This has always been easy for them to answer because, of course, everyone wants something.

2 – And when do you intend to achieve this goal?

It was at this moment that things began to get complicated because the answers were the most diverse but none with exactness, that is, they only had a plan and then I began a new sequence of questions.

A- To execute your plan you will have to complete some steps. When are you going to complete this first step?

Answer: Next week.

Question: Which day of the week?

Answer: I think Wednesday.

For this answer I asked? Do you think or are you sure?

The conversation was following but you realize that this already demonstrates a lack of discipline or exact definition to fulfill certain tasks and this is the same as saying that the person will not do the task because if not the person does not understand that has to define clearly dates for yourself to complete a task that is part of your future plan nothing will happen.

Another very common response has always been: Next month!

For this answer I always made a joke for the person to understand that this answer means nothing to me so I said the following:

Open your calendar:

Show me what months you’re seeing.

It said, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

I’d say: Great, now show me where’s on your calendar next month. LOL


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At this point the person realized how much she did not know how to properly set an agenda and accurately determine the dates and with that it would also be impossible to determine when it would be possible to achieve the goal itself. Most of the time they understood that they would not be able to complete their plan because they were just answers to think, I think, I think!

When I got to this point in the conversation everything was simpler and I could design an efficient planning with precise dates to complete each stage of the project and for that it is necessary to discipline.

Every time I did this I had a sense of accomplishment and it was very rewarding to know that I had started to reprogram the Mindset of another person who did not have a direction and everything would start to happen naturally.

Of course, unfortunately the minority of people didn’t give continuity to the very goals they had committed to themselves and the result was obvious: They could not keep up with their goals but my part I had already done and the person always had the clarity that she was not determined to perform something she had much guidance.

Unfortunately people want things to happen easily and simply but having discipline is not for everyone. Most people just want to but don’t do what has to be done.

At a congress with a thousand people in the room if you ask: Who wants to get rich?
Everyone will raise their arms but the truth is that only 2% and I can guarantee this, will do what has to be done to become rich.

I hope you have understood the message I wanted to convey to you all and further that you begin to practice these teachings as soon as possible because this will bring many benefits to your life.


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